Hi! I'm Alexandra

I’m curious about creating intelligent machines that will be able to assist people in solving a variety of challenging tasks. As an AI researcher, I want to develop intelligent systems strengthening their application for social good and hindering those that have ill intentions. I have a strong belief that we can make our society more sustainable and fairer with education, science, and open-mindedness.

Given that, I’m teaching and doing research at the Bayesian methods research group under the supervision of prof. Dmitry Vetrov. Moreover, I’m happy to be a visiting graduate student at the University of Toronto & Vector Institute working with prof. Animesh Garg. My current research interests are neural ODEs, bayesian methods, meta/multi-task reinforcement learning, causality. Link to my CV.




Talks & Presentations

Video-poster about our paper "Stochasticity in Neural ODEs: An Empirical Study", Jul 2020
My talk on Continuous Normalizing flows at BayesGroup research seminar, Feb 2019 (slides)


I'm happy to work with children as a volunteer at the Russian Janusz Korczak Youth Center. The main goal of our Center is the development of humanistic and inclusive education in Russia. We organize the integration children’s camp ”Nash Dom” (that means "our home" in Russian), where we work with both ordinary children and children with disabilities. More information about the Center (in Russian).

One of my passions is art, so several years ago I graduated from the International School of Floristic Design ”Nikole” as a master of design and floristics. Although I've never been working as a designer, I like drawing from time to time and share my sketches on Instagram.

I deeply love our planet and all its inhabitants, so I'm vegan and in my spare time, I take part in various ecological activities. Also, I like spending vacations hiking around the Siberian mountains and Kamchatka's volcanoes with my family and friends.